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Servpro Professionally Cleaned Stainless Steel Double Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel Double Kitchen Cleaned Sink

Movers are on the way! Buying a new home is stressful. Our customers' expectations are exceeded with our professional cleaning expertise. We are trained and equipped to help our customers with any disaster, big or small! SERVPRO of Coffee, Franklin, Warren County help our customers regain control over their lives, with a simple phone call. 

Healthcare waiting room tented from remaining waiting room with equipment and exposed wall damage under picture window

Commercial Healthcare Office Experiences Damage

A Commercial building suffered major water damage from a leaking window frame in the main lobby area. The extensive waiting room water damage involved the drywall under the window and the flooring below the window. The office manager responded quickly and had us, SERVPRO of Coffee, Franklin, Warren County, at the facility within moments of the call. Thanks to the office and the choice to call SERVPRO, we were able to keep the commercial office functioning and taking care of our community. 

Active Secondary Leak

This is an active secondary leak on a pipe fitting that our well trained staff found upon entry into a crawl space under a Manchester, Tn home. There was moderate damage to the insulation and wrap underneath, being a modular home. Some damage to the subfloor and floor joist as well. 

Neon clock causes fire

An NFL logo neon clock in a 'mancave" was the culprit of a local fire. The fire was extinguished quickly but the smoke and soot damage created a mess throughout the entire house.

Soot web

This is a soot web created during a house fire in Manchester, TN. They occur as the hot soot from the fire clings to cooler dust and air particles thus forming a web like design. Heat will always cling to cooler surfaces first.

Soot leaves nothing untouched

Soot finds its way to every surface, even through cracks in closed doors. This curio cabinet housed various memorabilia in a "man-cave" in Manchester, TN. Each items was removed, thoroughly cleaned and replaced after the cabinet was wiped down too.

Ceiling salvaged

The ceiling doesn't have to be torn out after a fire. Although this particular ceiling area was right next to the source of the fire, it was cleaned, sealed and repainted. Voila, "Like it never even happened!"

After our clean up crew is finished

This is the AFTER photo for the curio cabinet pictured above. Each item was cleaned (some with a toothbrush to get tiny areas of football players and stadiums) and replaced in exactly the same spot the homeowner had it. We used our before photos to help us know how to put everything back in it's home spot.

Breakfast nook with years of nicotine

This is a breakfast nook in a home where homeowners smoked indoors for over 30 years. As we began cleaning soot from an upstairs fire, we discovered that the walls were supposed to be white, not beige. The homeowner was tickled with the level of cleaning we did to restore her home.

Breakfast nook is nicotine free

Here is the AFTER photo of the breakfast nook. Not only did we clean the soot off the walls, the caked on nicotine was removed to expose the original paneling.

Ceiling fan BEFORE photo

This ceiling fan had not been turned off for nearly 30 years. After an electrical house fire upstairs, this master bedroom ceiling fan got quite the makeover. It's furry blades will operate much more efficiently after cleaned.

Ceiling fan AFTER photo

After cleaning soot and dust from this 30 year old ceiling fan, it looks almost as good as new.

Master bathroom BEFORE photo

While cleaning soot off tile walls in this master bathroom, we just did a thorough mold cleaning too. This the BEFORE photo...

Master bathroom AFTER photo

Its impossible to clean the soot off tile without doing a thorough cleaning on the entire surface. This is the AFTER photo of the soot and mildew removal in this master bathroom. Some of the grout needs to be redone and cleaners wouldn't get it all, but it looks much better!

Water leak behind sheetrock

Originally called on site to repair water damage left behind by frozen sprinkler pipes, an unknown second leak was discovered too.

Frozen pipes burst

Sprinkler systems in commercial buildings seem to be the most frequent victims during freezing temperatures. This one was in the ceiling of an assisted living home and displaced residents in 8 apartments.

Salvaging carpet and sheetrock

After frozen sprinkler pipes had burst and left a mess, we sprang into action mitigating and restoring this commercial property so that their residents weren't displaced any longer than necessary.

Mold clean up - BEFORE photo

This antique dresser belongs in a second home on a local lake. Homeowners returned in spring to find that mold had taken over their home while they were gone for the winter.

Mold clean up - AFTER photo

Precious antique dresser is salvaged from the abundant mold that nearly ruined its surface

Sprinkler Pipes burst

Cause of water flow was a busted dry pipe sprinkler pipe, that affected about 36 rooms at this hotel. We worked tirelessly for days to restore this commercial property so that business could resume as quickly as possible!