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Playing Possum....

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Of the many services that SERVPRO offers one particular was very memorable. Like any other normal work day, our crews were dispatched to their jobs. However, one technician was dispatched to, no other than, our franchise owners mother's house; but not for water, fire, or mold. Upon arrival the technician approaches mom and asks what she needed assistance with, and he did not expect her answer!! Mom proceeds to inform this technician that there is a dead possum in her yard and would very much appreciate if it could get remediated! After the "are you serious" question and the dumbfounded look on the technician's face, he proceeds to assure her that he will absolutely get this possum out of her yard. Technician puts on the proper PPE of nitrile gloves and grabs a trash bag as well as a stick lying on the ground, to be used as his own personal "is it dead" testing mechanism. After a few firm pokes and prods and no reaction from the possum, technician proceeds to place in the garbage bag. As technician was loading the now partially full garbage bag, mom comes out and realizes the coast is clear and a job well done! At the end of the day, this technician has a new certification to add to his resume: Possum Remediation. Thus "Like it never even happened."


10/10/2016 (Permalink)


Last week SERVPRO of Coffee/Franklin/Warren had the pleasure of helping out at the TSSAA (Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association) golf tournament working with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce table. The Chamber of Commerce was there welcoming the families of the tournament and letting them know about all the neat things our community and how much we appreciate them staying in our city! Those kids are awesome! 

If you have a minute take a look at our Manchester Chamber of Commerce's website. There is a lot of great information, and even an events calendar to keep you up to date with what is going on!

As always we love our community and our customers! Call us if you need anything at all!


Sue Mihatov SMM